I had a great experience with Longshot. I wanted to try a new approach to getting a new ride and had heard about auto brokers. Clearly all these great reviews didn't hurt. It's rare to see any business without at least a few bad reviews.

I wanted a specific used car, with leather seats, there were only two colors I was open to and I wanted very low miles. I also needed to turn in a lease and was not sure how that would work.

Jeremy sent me six options, I narrowed it down and was able to get my first option within a couple days. There was not a lot of wiggle room on the price, but it was within line for Kelly Blue Book and I wasn't put through the hard up-sell at the dealership. I also got an unexpected surprise by the dealer telling me that they took my lease as a trade in and thus no final lease payment was needed (the car was way under miles and very clean, but still, I was grateful and every little bit helps).

- Karen B

Jeremy and Jeff are so nice and professional! Not long after I sent the request online, I got the text from Jeremy. He was very responsive and kept following up with me to arrange our meet.

When we met, he immediately started to inspect and test drive the car. While we were waiting, Jeff shared with us about how they do this business and also welcomed us to consult with them in the future even though we won't be in this area.

In the end we had a great deal with my car, finished all the paperwork in 20 minutes and said goodbye to my best buddy. All the works were be done in an hour.

It was a fantastic experience to work with Jeremy and Jeff, very relaxing and reliable. Highly recommend them!

- Leaf Y

We were looking for a used but safe and reliable Honda, Toyota or Mazda as a car for our teens to share. After a horrendous experience with Redwood City Honda (now relocated to San Carlos and renamed Primo Honda) we hated the idea of working with another dealership. We discovered, through Yelp, the concept of "auto broker" and gave one of the highest rated companies a call. Jeremy Woolley of Longshot Auto Sales was empathetic to our dealership experience and after one conversation, quick to locate a few possibilities. At one point Jeremy suggested we consider leasing, something we had never done having always purchased cars outright. Toyota was offering a cash incentive on leasing 2018 cars and combined with the broker price available to Jeremy, leasing a new Corolla was by far the best deal. Jeremy located the Toyota Corolla model we wanted at Santa Cruz Toyota (high marks to them) and within 24 hours we had visited the dealership, signed the papers and left with the Corolla. Not only did Jeremy meet us at the dealership, he had prepped Jim Davis, the Toyota Fleet Manager -- someone he had a long professional relationship with -- and then stayed during most of the process to ensure everything went smoothly.

Working with an auto broker and leasing a new car just hadn't occurred to us. Jeremy made all the variables work. The experience was stress-free and believe it or not, kind of fun. Never, never again will we purchase a car directly from a dealership.

- Hedgie M

I have been looking for a Lexus RX350 for some time now and decided to see what Longshot can do for me. Jeremy was very responsive and I was pretty particular in certain options, colors and staying within budget. We found the perfect match and Jeremy got us a great deal. This is my first time buying a car through a broker so I was not sure how the service worked. Jeremy assured me that this was a free service and that they only make a commission from the dealer. I was really impressed and would recommend this to anyone who does not want to deal with negotiating. Longshot will get in touch with the dealer and set a meeting up for you. You deal directly with the dealer so you are welcome to negotiate even more if you wanted to.

At the end of the day, I have to thank Longshot for helping us purchase our new car. Thank you Jeremy!

- Glenna M

I reached out to Longshot Auto Sales on a Tuesday morning, and shortly after, I received a quote for my vehicle after a few minutes of talking and exchanging information. We scheduled a follow up meeting for the following day on Wednesday, and it was sold then and there after taking a look at the vehicle in person, at a very reasonable price.

Jeremy and Jeffrey made it incredibly easy to sell my car, and in the meantime, I was able to learn about what they do and how they do it. I plan on doing business with them from here on out due to their knowledge, fast and great service, and easiness to work with.

- Baldwin L

Longshot Auto Care are extremely helpful in my purchase on 2 used cars. Jeremy answered all of my questions with quick response. On my recent purchase, I urgently needed answers and help. Jeremy responded to me right away even though he was out of office. Fantastic service, I haven't experienced this anywhere else. Buying or selling a car, I would definitely and always start here with Longshot Auto Care!! Thank you Great Service!

- Drew T

I was looking for a Rav 4 Hybrid and was determined not to be new based on expected costs. Jeremy searched and within days we had my car. At first I wanted the 2016, but after crunching numbers, Jeremy showed me all my options, walked me through financing options without any hidden agenda, and I ended up going with a brand new car. SO very happy with my purchase and with Jeremy for helping so much in getting me the car I wanted, at the price I wanted, and in the fastest time possible. :)

- Christina S

I worked with Jeremy to get my first lease and I am so glad I did. He was very professional and quick to respond. He answered all of my questions and made the whole process easy. I just pretty much walked into the dealer signed some paperwork and off I was with my new 2018 Rav4 hybrid. Thanks again!

- David G

This purchase is the second purchase/trade-in I have had with Longshot Auto and I can't say enough how seamless Jeff and Jeremy make these transaction! They are reliable, fair, honest and simply do exactly what they quote. In a business where I need to upgrade my vehicle every few years, its great to find the cream of the crop of salesman in the auto world.

- Tish T

Jeremy was really great about answering any questions and really helpful in looking for what I needed. Unfortunately I didn't buy here, but they were helpful with info about cars

- Stas O.