Customer Testimonials

Here are just a few of the happy customers we've helped in the past.

  • "I recently purchased a new car with complete confidence in my decision, mainly because of the total trust I have in Jeff at Longshot Auto's. He kept in contact with me throughout the process, and got me the best deal possible. I will recommend him to all my friends."


  • "I worked directly with Jeff, Jeremy, and Victor, who were all extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I always felt they were trustworthy and were trying to get the best deal for me and give me the best deal they could on my trade in. I highly recommend these guys."

    Thanks again,

  • "Just purchased a beautiful Dodge Charger from Longshot. Jeremy was super helpful and made the entire process so easy. He found exactly what I was looking for, negotiated an amazing price and even negotiated more for my trade-in. I couldn't have gotten this type of attentive, personalized service anywhere else and certainly not at a dealership. I love my new car and will definitely refer my friends and family to Jeremy at Longshot."

    [Client Wishes to Remain Anonymous]

  • "So glad there's finally a local place for a hassle-free great deal. I went through their broker Jeremy who found exactly what I wanted at hands-down the best price I could get. I'm so over the car lot guys, never again! Thank you Longshot!"

    -Barbie Mae

  • "When I first got a call from jeff I wasnt sure what to think. But I went with it and every thing was legit. Jerff always kept in tuch with me to make sue he knew what I wanted. When we both agreed on a car he told me where it was and made sure it wasn in good condition and was wat I wanted. I got then and jeff stayed in tuch with the dealer while I was there and told them exactly what my situation was and pertty much all iin had to do was wait and sign. I look foward to doing business with him again."

    -Victor Cuevas

  • "From the Desk of Jim & Terri Duvall. We own our own business and we know nothing means more than keeping your word, honesty, customer respect & customer service. Jeff, kept his word & was very honest. He showed us the respect any human being deserves. He is a good man! A true honest human being. He found exactly what we were looking for! We will do business with him in the future without a doubt, as well as pass on his name to friends & family. Nice truck Jeff, thank you so much."

    -Jim & Terri Duvall

  • "Jeff Long from Longshot Auto Sales was instrumental in finding the exact car that I was looking for. He located the car, dealt with the dealer for me and made sure everything went smoothly and that all transactions were handled in a professional & timely matter. Not to mention negotiating a fair price as well as having it delivered to my home town. I would definately recommend using Longshot Auto Sales when searching for your desired vehicle."

    Thanks again!
    Danell D. Dickson

  • "I was in the market for a new car, I was getting no where when I was talking with dealerships, then I met Jeff and Jeremy. And let me just say these guys are awesome, they helped me find the right car for the best price, and not only did they find a nice car for me, they even got the dealership to drop the price way lower just to get the deal closed, they stepped up for me when they didn't even have to. that's the best kind of customer service you can get from any company. So if your in the market for a new car, I recommend you give these guys a call and I can promise you you'll end up saying that was the best thing you could of done. so pick up the phone and call Jeff and Jeremy now."

    -Kyle S.

  • "I was the typical, lost, scared, frustrated person searching for a good deal in order to buy a Toyota Prius. Fortunately, I stumbled upon the kind, smiling gentlemen of Longshot Auto Sales. Boy, did they help me. They were friendly, courteous, and -- above all -- knowledgeable! They did all the work and research for me, and I just profited with a shiny new Prius, which I just love! I will definitely use these guys again, and I'm going to tell all my friends to do the same. "


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